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Latinos are the fastest-growing student population in America and a new effort is now focused on leveraging the critical connection between their educational attainment and the future of our national economy. In 2011, the Lumina Foundation launched a collaborative partnership designed to strengthen ventures in key metropolitan areas that show promise in improving the postsecondary attainment of Latino students.

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Resource Fair - August 15, 2015

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2nd Unidos Legislative Education Summit [Click HERE]

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Under the project, Lumina has provided a total of $7.2 million over a four-year period to 12 partnerships in 10 states with significant and growing Latino populations. The partnerships will leverage community leaders across key policy, education, business and nonprofit sectors to build, implement and sustain successful “place-based efforts” that capitalize on their local talents and ingenuity.

The Unidos Project was selected to represent Bernalillo county and the State of New Mexico of the 12 grant sites. The project is built around a “no wrong gate” approach that allows students to flow freely through our educational system, with appropriate support and direction to remain on course, and with minimal barriers to impede their movement. By creating a culture of collaboration across numerous entities, the overall goal of the Unidos Project is to produce 55,000 post-secondary degrees and credentials for Latinos in Bernalillo County by the year 2025, by increasing Latino high school graduation rates, enrolling more Latinos in postsecondary education, and graduating more Latinos from our institutions of higher education.

What We do


The overall goal of the Unidos Project for Latino Student Success is to produce 55,000 post- secondary degrees and credentials for Hispanos and Latinos students in Bernalillo County by the year 2025.

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View our patners in the unidos project, who are the representatives from various sectors like higher education, business, K-12 education , employers ,policy leadership and other community-based organization.

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The University of New Mexico Center for Policy Research (CPR) has created and has been conducting vital research in Bernalillo County. This research is going to be utilized for guiding this project ahead.

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Press Releases

Learn more about us and keep up to date with information about the unidos project, from our Press Releases tab. visit our press releases tab to get the latest information about us. Stay tuned and stay updated!

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Contact Us

Jennifer Gomez-Chavez
: 505-277-7763
Email: jengomez@unm.edu

Dr. Teresa Brito Asenap
Phone: 505-358-8212
Email: tbrito.asenap@gmail.com

Lumina’s mission and goal

The mission of Lumina Foundation is to expand access and success in education beyond high school, particularly among adults, first-generation college going students, low-income students and students of color. This mission is directed toward a single, overarching big goal – to increase the percentage of Americans with high-quality degrees and credentials to 60 percent by the year 2025.

This goal is a national priority because:

  • Higher education2 is a prerequisite to success in a knowledge-based society and economy.

  • The social and economic opportunities facing our country can best be addressed by educating many more people beyond high school. As we attain the goal, we improve the economy, strengthen civic engagement and reduce the costs of crime, poverty and health care and, in short, improve the human condition.

  • Higher education attainment rates among adults, first-generation college-going students, low-income students and students of color are significantly lower than those of other students. This gap has endured for decades and is now widening. This attainment gap is alarming given the country’s demographic trends.

The members will also foster cooperation and collaboration with each other in order to produce more competitive grant applications to federal funding agencies that provide higher education funding. Finally, the Alliance will communicate with those federal agencies on behalf of the members and their institutions.

Three critical outcomes lead to achievement of the big goal. Based on research and experience, Lumina Foundation believes that reaching the Big Goal by 2025 is possible if the nation directs attention to three critical outcomes:

  1. Students are prepared academically, financially and socially for success in education beyond high school.

  2. Higher education completion rates are improved significantly.

  3. Higher education productivity is increased to expand capacity and serve more students.